Burning Evidence

In a small town, it’s all too easy for secrets to stay buried…

When a young woman dies in a late-night restaurant fire, the owner, Bobby Carter, is charged with arson and murder. The evidence is stacked against him, but something doesn’t add up. And his only chance for justice rests on the shoulders of small-town lawyer, Leland Munroe…

Leland’s client insists he’s innocent. But the local media is quick to demonize Carter, and powerful forces behind the scenes are determined to keep the truth from coming out. Leland must navigate a web of corruption and deceit to expose the real culprit.

Meanwhile, defending a young athlete accused of selling drugs has Leland facing off against a former colleague with an axe to grind. The two cases seem unrelated, but in Basking Rock, things are rarely as straightforward as they appear. Can this quick-witted lawyer outsmart the real killer? Or will he become their next victim…


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Release Date

October 26, 2023