Interpreting Guilt

A murder from the past hides an even darker secret.

A boating accident has left one Basking Rock teenager dead and three others traumatized. Defense attorney Leland Munroe is determined to prove his client wasn’t responsible, but circuit solicitor Pat Ludlow will stop at nothing to keep his own son out of trouble. Even if it means ruining an innocent young man’s life.

While Leland prepares his case, a second desperate client approaches him about an injustice from the past. Two decades ago, Maria Guerrero was convicted of murdering Peggy Ludlow, the solicitor’s first wife. The evidence was stacked against her, but her son is positive his mother is innocent. If Maria didn’t kill Peggy, though… who did?

As Leland navigates the two cases’ twists and turns, he and his loved ones are caught in the crossfire. Leland has committed his life to fighting for justice… but this time both his career and his freedom may be on the line.

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Release Date

February 23, 2023