Influencing Justice

A small town murder hides a dark secret…

When online influencer Simone Baker asks Leland Munroe to defend her on a criminal charge, the small town lawyer is ready to say no. He’s not a criminal lawyer—despite what the people of Basking Rock seem to think. Social media and manslaughter are both far from his area of expertise. But with no other clients coming through his door, Leland takes the job to make ends meet.

At first, he figures the prosecution’s weak evidence should make for a simple defense. But Simone’s case isn’t as straightforward as it seems, and her testimony weaves a tale of missing young women, racism, and evidence tampering by local police.

Leland’s investigation soon reveals a criminal conspiracy lurking in the shadows of the small town. An innocent woman may be tied up with a criminal organization he thought was gone from Basking Rock for good. And as the Jury’s verdict looms closer, it’s not just Simone’s freedom that hangs in the balance.

Leland’s own life is on the line as well…

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Release Date

May 26, 2022