Dead Reckoning: EMP Prepper Thriller

In a world on the brink of chaos, a father must learn to let go.

After destroying the Church of Humanity, Jim Parker is a hero of the rebellion. But his mission is just getting started. Living on the run takes its toll on Finn, Ava, and their friends, but Parker gains hope from the ordinary people he sees performing small acts of resistance every day. When word reaches the rebels that the malicious Colonel Brian Hays is inside the Council compound, they hatch a plan to infiltrate the stronghold and take him out. Parker offers to lead the operation, but he has another goal in mind: convincing his daughter Sara to join his side—whether she wants to or not.

When the planned raid on the compound goes awry, Parker finds himself a prisoner of the Council. Now, he’ll have to do what he can to help his friends from the inside while attempting to bring Sara over to the resistance—but does a father really always know best?

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June 14 2018