Dragon Plague

A plague from the past threatens dragons, and their riders…

A mysterious sickness ravages the land, causing dragons and their riders to fall into a never-ending sleep. Cora and her dragon steed Alaric are determined to find a cure… Especially as the sickness begins to claim the lives of their fellow dragon riders.

But Cora and Alaric are not immune to this unholy illness. Risking their lives, they join a team of dragon riders on a perilous journey to the Heart of Tenegard, where a mysterious healer believes they may find a cure. Tensions run high, as the group begins to suspect that a traitor lurks in their midst, manipulating dark magic and endangering them all.

The sickness threatens those closest to Cora, and the dragon school itself is in danger. If she cannot stop this malady from spreading, there may be no dragon riders left to defend Tenegard.

But time is running out. Can she find the cure for this ancient sickness, before it’s too late?

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Release Date

June 28, 2023