Lawless World

The final battle for survival has begun…

Reunited with his wife and daughter, Bear knows his family will never be truly safe until the Militia has been eliminated. Determined to end the threat once and for all, they agree to help the Freemen with one final push against this dangerous enemy.

Meanwhile, Laurel struggles to combat a new sickness sweeping through the Freemen ranks before they lose anyone else. Seeking vital medical supplies, they travel to Laurel’s former sanctuary, South Minneha Hospital. But a lot has changed since they left to go find Mae. The hospital is in ruins and the remaining residents are struggling to survive in the wreckage.

The Militia have one final trick up their sleeves — weapons of war, that survived the EMP — and General James Bruce plans to rain fire upon his enemies. Bear, Laurel and the others have no choice. They must fight to survive.

But against such overwhelming firepower, is all hope lost?


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Release Date

July 12, 2023