Camila Saunders is in Ireland for one reason: to sell the pub she inherited from her absentee father.

But she’s about to have a fight on her hands – a real one. When she finds an illegal bareknuckle boxing ring in the pub’s basement, Camila realizes she’s got to shut it down before she can sell the place. But standing squarely in her way is prizefighter Bronny Dolan: 200 pounds of pedigree muscle, danger and Irish wit.

Bronny Dolan is a lawyer, not that his family cares about that–they’re all about the next boxing match. The Dolan name means victory and they’re not about to let him forget it. But when loudmouthed Jersey girl Camila inherits the local and threatens the town’s generations-old traditions, Bronny will have to face his toughest fight yet. Will Bronny help Camila sell the pub and go back to the States–or will he sabotage her freedom for the sake of his own heart?

Either way, this Middle-of-Nowhere Irish town is about to see the biggest fight of its history, and this time, it’s winner takes all.

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February 24, 2015